Tea Tins….

10 Mar

After seeing on another blog, someone using tea tins to make a kitchen herb garden I headed to China Town to track down some tins of my own to plant some bulbs in.

I love the bright colours of the tins and they fit two or three bulbs in perfectly, I have planted Muscari, Crocus’s and Narcissi ‘Bridal Crown’. They look so sweet and will look even better when they start to flower!


Cute Button Holes

7 Mar

So, its been quite a while since my last post but I resolve to get blogging again!

Here are some button holes that I made the other day…. 


Enjoy! xx

Festive Cinnamon Candle

13 Dec

Fancy a festive candle? Follow this tutorial to jazz up a boring old candle into a Christmas senstaion!

What you will need:

Large candle (Any colour, I used cream)

Cinnamon sticks (I used approx 12 large sticks which I cut in half making them different lengths)

Double sided sticky tabs / sellotape

Accessories: Ribbon, Bows, Festive decorations, Raffia (The list goes on! Below is an example of some of the things you could use.)

First off, if necessary, cut your cinnamon sticks to size, they are quite tough so I ended up using secateurs.

 Once you have enough then lie your candle down and stick one tab at the base of the candle and then another one a third of the way up the candle.

Then stick on the cinnamon, I found that 2 sticks per tab fitted perfectly.

Now for the fun bit! Once you have covered the whole of the candle with cinnamon sticks you can choose your decoration. I used a pre made festive decoration which had a bit of wire attached to it, this was perfect to carefully feed down the centre of a cinnamon stick for a neat finish. Alternatively, festive ribbon looks great or you can leave it plain!


But do be careful as many of the accessories are flammable so don’t go lighting that candle, these should be used for decorative purpose only please!!!!!

Dress a Girl Around the World….

2 Aug

A little bit of History…..

Dress a girl around the world is campaign started by an American Charity called Hope 4 Women. Over in England Louise at Sew Scrumptious Blog appealed to fellow sewing bloggers to help make pillowcase dresses for girls living in poverty around the world.

So, if any of you are savvy with the sewing machine then it would be great if you could knock up one, two or even three of these pillowcase dresses for a little girl. Please contact Louise at sewscrumptious.blogspot.com for more details on how to get the dresses to a girl anywhere from Malawi to Haiti.

How to make a Pillowcase dress


  • Pillow case (New or nearly new)
  • Elastic ¼” or ½” width
  • Double sided bias tape
  • Safety Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine

First of all cut along the top if the pillow case (where it is sewn together), then with the pillow case laid flat, measure J-shaped arm holes at the top corners (approx 4”x4” depending on the size of the dress)

Next, to make the casing (of the elastic for the neckline) turn the pillowcase inside out and turn the top of the cut edge over by ¼” and then another ¼” . Iron this down and sew along the seam, close to the edge.

Repeat this step for the back of the dress.

Now, cut 2 pieces of ¼” or ½” elastic 7 inches long. Attach a safety pin to each end of the elastic, from left to right pull one end through the casing, being careful not to pull it too far, attached the safety pin and elastic to the left end of the casing and continue to pull the pin and elastic through. Once you have pulled the pin out of the right hand side, pin it to the casing. Now you need to sew along the left and right hand ends to keep the elastic in place. Repeat this with the back of the dress.

Now using double-fold bias tape, cut 2 pieces approximately 34” long. This will bind the armholes and become the ties at the shoulders, so make sure it is long enough to tie a bow at the top.

Fold the tie in half to find the middle and then pin this in the middle of the armhole.

Then working outwards pin the open ends of the bias tape over the cut edges of the armhole and sew around the armhole and finish by sewing the edges of the ties together.

Finally tie your ties and your dress is finished!

Friday Treat…

8 Jul

The Deckchair, like Pimms or strawberries and cream is synonymous with the British Summer, so next time the sun shines (and hopefully that WILL be soon!) make sure that you have your own deckchair at the ready.

Here are some of my favourites….

Catch up on your summer reading list in this Penguin deckchair for £74.95

Go vintage with this Double Union Jack Deckchair, you better start saving though…. £495.00 (Eek!)

Pigeon and Jelly is an odd mix but it seems to works well on a deckchair! Pick up this one for £135.00




Pretty Paper….

7 Jun

About the most that I can create when given some paper and scissors is a chain of paper dolls, however, Julene Harrison has taken things to a new level with her amazing paper cut designs. You can either buy one of the limited edition designs or if you want something really special you can commission a piece.  It is impossible to pick just one favourite, so I have chosen a selection for you to stare at in awe….

Beez Neez Paper Cut, Available at Julene’s Etsy Shop for £58.00

Paris: One of the cities Julene has made into paper cut designs

You’ve got the Love Lyrics, Paper cut design

Check out Julene’s website, Made by Julene for even more amazing designs.


Friday Treat…

3 Jun

Tea and Biscuits! As I was browsing Folksy today I came across the amazing screen print cushions by Nikki McWilliams, for the hardcore biscuit fans out there these are a must – I now have a massive craving for retro biscuits……. YUM!

Custard Cream Screen Print Cushion £18.00

Tunnock’s Teacake Screen Print Cushion £17.00

Oreo Screen Print Cushion £20.00


Re vamp your lamp….

31 May

We had a pretty dull lampshade sitting in the corner of our room, so I decided to re vamp it – it is so easy, here is how you can do it too.

 What you will need:

Old Lampshade, Material, Ribbon, Scissors, Glue and a Tape measure

Once you have chosen your material, you need to measure the lampshade, use a tape measure or piece of string. First you need to measure round the lamp shade, then you need to measure the height.

Then unfold the material and on the non-patterned side mark out the measurements.

Once you have done this, cut the material to size.

Next you need to get your glue – I used Uhu, if you have a glue gun you can use that and glue round the lampshade, sticking the material down as you go.

Once this is finished and dry, measure our 2 lengths of ribbon for the top and bottom of the lampshade.

Glue this around the edge – top and bottom, and then you are finished!

And your lamp is revamped!

Bunting Bonanza…..

26 May

So summer is here (kind of) and to make your garden or house look lovely why not turn your hand to making your very own bunting! Follow these steps…..

What you will need:



A pattern (drawn yourself)


Sewing Machine

Ribbon (I used this to attach the triangles to)

 First of all choose your material,

Then unfold the material and pin your pattern onto it and cut round.

Once you have cut out your first triangle repeat this until you have the required amount – I decided to work with eight triangles, but you can do less or more!

 Next you need to hem the triangles, you do this by folding the material over on itself and pinning it down,

Again repeat this with all the triangles

Now you are ready to start sewing – thread up the machine and sew along the hem, repeat until you have finished all the squares

Finally, pin the triangles onto the ribbon and sew along

And you’ve finished!


Get Fruity…..

23 May

So this season fruit seems to be pretty on trend, here are some of my favourites…

White lemon print dress, Dorothy Perkins £25

Yumi Pineapple Print Dress,  Oliver Bonas £49

White Print Playsuit, River Island £24.99


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